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UGG, a brand name and well-known trademark for footwear, clothing and handbags. UGG brand snow boots emerged in Australia during World War I. Australian pilots wrapped two pieces of sheepskin into shoes to wear on their feet to keep out the cold. Later, they gradually became popular in Australia.

Foreign name UGG
FounderBrian Smith
Origin Australia
Table of contents
1Brand introduction
2Historical origins
3Trademark disputes
4 identification methods
5 Features
6 Maintenance and cleaning
7 ways to dress
▪Rainy day
brand introduction
UGG brand founding place: United States
Brand production place: New Zealand, Vietnam, etc.
Design concept: approachable luxury, super luxurious comfort.
Brand historical development: UGG is a legendary brand of sheepskin boots. The seemingly silly cartoon appearance has become popular in Europe and Asia, and now it is becoming popular all over the world. In 1978, an Australian surfer named Brian Smith brought a batch of sheepskin boots to California, where the developed surfing market attracted these sheepskin boots. Since then, UGG has slowly developed from a small surf products brand into a world-renowned luxury brand of sheepskin boots.
UGG culture: UGG brand snow boots are popular in the streets. Once you put them on, you won't be able to take them off. Its originality, credibility and super luxurious comfort will fascinate you. Whether it is the classic anti-wool snow boots that feel like silk, or the comfortable and fashionable spring and summer sandals that surprise everyone, they are must-have items every season.
Historical origins
In 1971, Australian surfer Shane Steadman started selling UGH snow boots and registered UGH as his trademark. In 1979, another surfer, Brian Smith, bought some Australian-made UGG boots and brought them to the United States and started selling them in New York, mainly for surfers in California. He established the UGG Holding company and registered his own American trademark in 1985. The trademark is in the shape of a ram's head with a line of words: "Original UGG Boot UGG Australia". In 1995, he sold his shares to what is now Deckers, and Deckers also obtained Shane Steadman's "UGH" trademark registration in Australia. Subsequently, the "UGG" brand began to be registered all over the world. 
Trademark dispute
Deckers Outdoor Products Co., Ltd. has UGG registered trademarks on shoes, clothes, hats, and handbags, and in 2011, the registered trademark was recognized as a well-known trademark. The company has registered the UGG trademark in more than 100 countries or regions around the world, preventing other snow boots brands containing the word "UGG" in their trademarks from entering the market in the country where Deckers is registered. But in Australia, relevant Australian manufacturers have united to form the UGG Snow Boot Association to fight against Deckers' statement. They said that Australia is the country of origin of UGG, and Australian manufacturers have been making this kind of boots for decades, including selling them to the United States. UGG should be turned into a generic name. The Australian court upheld UGG as a generic product. Name practices.
In the United States, the Netherlands and Turkey, courts rejected the claim that "UGG" is a common name for goods and maintained the validity of "UGG" as a single brand trademark. 
How to identify
How to identify snow boots:
1. In terms of price. Because the raw materials of UGG brand snow boots are very expensive, they are made of whole Australian lambskin or selected cowhide and Australian wool, and the soles also have a special structure. Even if the fur-integrated sheepskin boots are produced by UGG brand snow boots, the ex-factory price will not be one or two hundred. Please remember this. The price of selected cowhide boots is slightly cheaper than the fur-integrated boots, but it will not be the same. Less than 200, because cowhide and Australian wool are very expensive materials. Those UGG brand snow boots bought at "prices that make your heart beat" are definitely inferior products. 2. In terms of color. Genuine UGG brand snow boots, the color is very correct, the color on the official UGG website shall prevail, and the color of the inner fur is the same as the color of the outside.
3. In terms of shoe type. The surface is also quite delicate and soft to the touch, and the shoe shape is also relatively delicate and delicate. The velvet inside is neatly cut, the density is uniform, and it feels very soft and comfortable, making it very comfortable to wear barefoot. The important thing is that it feels light and not burdensome after wearing it. Quite warm. The inside and outside of the shoe are clean, smooth, and have no shrinkage or deformation.
4. The same parts of the pairs of shoes should be the same, the color and pattern should be the same, the length of the toe and the height of the back should be the same.
5. The stitching and threading of the upper are basically consistent, with no skipped stitches, missing stitches or broken threads.
6. All UGG brand snow boots products are handmade.
The characteristics of natural leather are superior to other materials in that it is flexible, breathable, wear-resistant, fold-resistant and beautiful, so it is an essential material for high-end leather shoes. Its characteristics are:
1. The quality of natural leather parts varies greatly.
Since the skin has different functions in different parts of the animal's body, it is produced and developed differently. After being made into leather, its fiber structure, density, tear resistance, and tensile strength are different in each part. In particular, the look and feel, extended feel, flex resistance and processing properties are all different.
2. The fiber (silk pattern) structure of the site is directional.
Different parts of each piece of leather have different fiber directions.
When leather is stretched, different parts have different elongation rates.
Some force rates are different, and their elongation rates are also different, and the gap is very large.
3. Breathable.
This feature allows the wearer's sweat to be discharged out of the shoe cavity, making the wearer feel comfortable.
4. Good heat and cold resistance.
5. It has good wear resistance and stamping resistance, and is easy to process.
6. Leather is soft, tough, elastic and resistant to bending. Adapt to human physiological needs.
7. Beautiful and easy to modify and style.
Snow boots were first worn by pilots and surfers, and later girls began to wear them. It is very normal for boys abroad to wear snow boots,.
Maintenance and cleaning
Maintenance method one: brand-specific waterproof spray (waterproof, rainproof, snowproof)
If you buy snow boots without waterproof coating, you can use waterproof spray to make the shoes more waterproof. Just spray the spray lightly on the surface of the boots, then leave it for 10 minutes and let the boots dry naturally. Easy to wear! Enhancing the waterproofness of boots can protect the boots from damage caused by oil or sewage, and can extend the wearing life of the boots. If the boots accidentally get wet, please spray them after the boots are dry. New Protective Coating. The best time to spray your boots with a waterproofing spray is when the boots are fresh after purchase.
Maintenance method two: brand-specific suede care brush
Use a brush to gently brush along the bottom edge of the boots to remove dust. A brush with a handle has relatively tough hair and is easier to clean the dirty parts of the boot body. Use a brush to gently brush along the bottom edge of the boots to remove dust. , wipe in order, do not wear the leather, wipe repeatedly on particularly dirty areas. After wiping with the care brush, wipe with a towel.
Maintenance method three: brand-specific cleaning and care agent - suede leather renovating agent
The special cleaning and care agent adopts the latest scientific research formula and is equipped with a special suede care brush, which can achieve the best cleaning effect and make the snow boots look brand new. They are thoughtful to buy, comfortable to wear and worry-free to use.
Maintenance method four: snow boots shoe stretchers
Snow boot shoe stretchers can keep your baby upright and stylish, and they can be worn frequently on weekdays. However, sheepskin material is soft and cannot stand upright like ordinary leather boots. Therefore, snow boot shoe stretchers can keep your baby upright and stylish without having to wear them. Worry, it might be out of shape!
1. How to remove ink stains accidentally stained on snow boots
If your snow boots are accidentally stained by ink, you can use a knife to evenly scrape a certain amount of white chalk powder over the stain. Let the white chalk powder stay on the boots for a few minutes, and then pat it off. of chalk powder, gently rub the stained area. Repeat the above operation several times until the stain is almost completely removed. For very serious stains, ladies can try to use sandpaper to gently wipe off the stained area or brush it lightly with a special suede cleaning brush. , but please note that doing so may cause a small amount of the original color of the sheepskin at the stain to fade. (It can be colored with suede renovating agent to make it look brand new)
2. How to remove rain spots
Sometimes when your shoes step on standing water on the ground, the splashes on the shoes will cause stains, which are rain spots. Usually if you want to remove these rain spots, just fold the stained areas opposite each other and rub them on both sides, so that the stains on both sides rub away. (It can be colored with suede renovating agent to make it look brand new)
3. How to deodorize
Mix two teaspoons of baking soda with two teaspoons of cornmeal and put it in your boots to remove and reduce odor in your boots. If you wish, you can add a few drops of essential oil to the mixture to make your shoes fragrant. Pour the mixture into the boots and shake, then leave in overnight. The next day, shake the mixture and pour it out.
Use cold or warm water to wet the snow boot body, but do not soak it too much. It is very important not to use hot water for cleaning, because that will reduce the stickiness of the sole glue and damage the natural elasticity of the leather, causing the sole to open and The shoe has shrunk. The correct cleaning method is to use a clean sponge brush or soft-bristled brush to thoroughly and evenly scrub the entire surface of the shoe body. You can also use a fine-bristled toothbrush to help with the cleaning process. Once your shoes are scrubbed and rinsed, you can put your snow boots in the washing machine and spin them for a few minutes to remove any excess moisture from the boots. Snow boots need to be left to dry naturally. Remember not to use a dryer or expose the boots to the hot sun. When drying, please turn the soles upward and turn the entire shoe body upside down. The shoes will be completely dry within a day or two. You will find that once the shoes have completely dried, they will shrink a little, don't worry, this is normal. After about an hour of wearing, the shoes will return to their former warm and comfortable feeling, and more importantly - the boots will become clean and beautiful!
After washing and drying clean boots, you can use a special waterproof spray to enhance the water resistance of the boots. Once the boots are fully cared for, you can use a special velvet care brush to gently brush the surface of the shoe body in one direction to help restore the naturally beautiful and smooth texture of the natural velvet on the suede surface.
If you follow the correct care methods mentioned above, your boots will last for several years
If possible, do not soak the shoe body.
Do not use knitting softener.
Do not use any artificial heat for drying.
Do not expose to sunlight.
Do not dry clean.
way of dressing
You can wear it when it snows. But don't wear it when it rains, whether it's heavy rain or light rain. Another thing to note is that you don’t want to wear it when the snow melts.
People who are not tall can choose 5825. If you are tall, you can buy 5815.
Brown is a popular color. In fact, although many people wear this color, it goes well with it.
Sand color - too difficult to take care of. Many girls like this color, but they are afraid that it is difficult to take care of and it gets dirty easily. If you take good care of it, it will be fine.
Black - Although it has no distinctive features, this color is very fashionable and unobtrusive.
Chocolate - this color feels a bit gray, but girls who like UGG feel that sand color is difficult to take care of, many people wear brown, and black is very common, so they will choose chocolate.
Domestic standard sizes are: barefoot length 22.5CM=35, 23CM=36, 23.5CM=37, 24CM=38, 24.5CM=39; UGG brand snow boots with fur integrated sizes are basically export international sizes, US5=35 ~36, US6=37, US7=38 and so on. The specific size depends on the fatness of your feet and the height of your instep. For specific sizes, you can choose according to the above size tips. Please try to choose a smaller size. Yes, because sheepskin boots are stretchable and the feet feel a lot bigger after being compressed for a period of time, so it is not recommended to buy a larger size. According to experience, the snow boots that have just been tried on should feel slightly tighter for the feet. , don’t be fooled by the short-term cramped feeling caused by the fluff. The new shoes are fluffy and will flatten out after a few days of wearing. The space will naturally be larger. So if you feel tight when you first try it on, please don’t rush to change to a larger size to avoid wearing more shoes in the future. big

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