Ferrari is Qualcomm’s latest partner to build smarter cars

Qualcomm has announced its latest automotive partner: none other than Ferrari, with whom it will enter into a “strategic technology partnership” that will (eventually) see Qualcomm’s automation technology make its way into future Ferrari cars.

As part of the deal, Ferarri plans to use Qualcomm’s Snapdragon Digital Chassis suite in the future, although there are frustratingly few details about what Snapdragon technologies Ferrari plans to use or what vehicles they will be integrated into. The Snapdragon Digital Chassis brand serves as Qualcomm’s umbrella brand for its automotive solutions, including Snapdragon Ride (for automated and assistive driver technologies), Snapdragon Cockpit (for in-car experiences and SoCs), and Snapdragon Auto Connectivity (for adding LTE , 5G, and Wi-Fi to cars).

Qualcomm’s announcement does call for it to work with Ferrari to “design, develop and integrate Ferrari’s digital cockpits,” suggesting it will at the very least rely on Qualcomm’s hardware for the foundation of future infotainment systems.

In addition, Qualcomm will join the new deal as a sponsor of the Scuderia Ferrari Formula 1 team, with the Snapdragon logo to appear on Ferrari’s F1-75 single-seater car.

Ferarri marks the latest major car company to at least make use of Qualcomm’s range of automotive technology in one form or another, alongside other recent announcements at CES 2022 such as Volvo, Honda, Renault and GM. Despite the plethora of deals, Qualcomm’s automotive technology is still in its infancy, and it will be some time before the company’s chips, components and services are as widespread in the automotive world as they are in the smartphone market.

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