Honor’s Earbuds 3 Pro come with built-in temperature monitoring

Along with its 100W Magic 4 rechargeable phone, Honor has announced new Earbuds 3 Pro with built-in temperature monitoring technology. According to Honor, this technology is an industry first, which owners will be able to experience once the $199 buttons are released.

Temperature monitoring, among other signals, has become especially important for tracking one’s health during the pandemic, and checking your temperature at home using infrared ear thermometers is already widely available. Temperature-monitored wearables sound like something not far off, and the idea reportedly even caught Apple’s attention while developing updates to its AirPods.

Image: Honor

Wearers can tap the buttons three times to activate temperature monitoring, with continuous reading and even an “abnormal temperature alert”. However, a footnote states that there are “not for medical purposes” and that the device is for demonstration purposes only until it is brought into compliance with related regulations.

The Wall Street Journal reported in October that Apple was looking into adding the feature to its AirPods, making the product part of its growing health technology platform. An earlier rumor mentioned temperature monitoring as a feature for the Apple Watch Series 7, but it wasn’t there when the device launched in September.

While these Earbuds 3 Pro probably won’t be sold in the US, the product could be an indication that the approach is realistic. British startup Bodytrak showed its own temperature-monitoring earplugs a few years ago, but they don’t seem ready for production yet.

Honor didn’t give many details during the announcement of the earbuds at MWC 2022, but confirmed a few other features outside of temperature monitoring. The basic features of the Earbuds 3 Pro include adaptive active noise cancellation (ANC) that adapts to the wearer depending on their listening environment. The earbuds feature an 11mm dynamic driver with enhanced sound details and bass and claim to have a battery life of up to 24 hours before their charging case is fully discharged, as well as fast charging that can provide two hours of music playback from just five minutes of charge.

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