Twitter may add a built-in podcasts tab

Looks like Twitter is building a tab for podcasts like shown in a screenshot posted by reverse engineer Jane Manchun Wong. The image shows a microphone icon in the bottom menu bar of the Twitter app, which appears to lead to a page titled “Podcasts.”

The screenshot does not show any indication of how podcasts may be featured on the platform or whether it will somehow feature Spaces, the platform’s audio-only chat rooms. Right now, live spaces are crammed into the top of Twitter feeds and it would make sense to organize them in a separate tab.

Twitter began branching out into audio when it first launched Spaces in 2020, delving even deeper into the medium with its acquisition of social podcast platform Breaker. Spaces is an ongoing project for the platform, which recently started allowing anyone to create chat rooms and enable all mobile users to record conversations.

Recorded spaces are already a bit like podcasts, albeit only temporary, lasting just 30 days. If a Twitter podcast feature is like Spotify or Apple Podcasts, users can choose and listen to podcasts at their leisure, without rushing to watch a live Spaces broadcast or listen to recordings before time runs out.

While social platforms strive to add more features to potentially generate more revenue, Twitter is just the latest to potentially grow another arm to support podcasts. Last year, Facebook launched a podcast feature for select creators, while Reddit just turned on recording for its audio-only Talks. The edge reached out to Twitter with a request for comment, but didn’t hear back immediately.

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