Sony is reportedly looking to bring a God of War show to Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime Video is reportedly in talks with Sony to develop a live-action series based on the god of war games, according to a report by Deadline

The series is expected to be led by Mark Fergus and Hawk Otsby, the executive producers behind the vastnessas well as Rafe Judkins, the executive producer of The Wheel of Time† Sony Pictures Television and PlayStation Productions are also involved, Deadline say.

Details on the show’s premise are still scarce, but when the television adaptation comes to fruition, the producers will have a lot to do. god of warIts extensive Greek-inspired history – where you play as the demigod Kratos – begins in 2005 with the release of the first game for PlayStation 2. The series is now in its eighth installment, God of War: Ragnarokwhich is expected sometime this year and has moved its setting to the Norse realm of Midgard.

Sony has struck several deals to adapt some of its most popular games for TV and film. And if you want to watch all this new content in one place, you’ll be disappointed – each show is signed up to a different streaming network, and the movies will be in theaters (at least at the time of their first release). Sony recently signed on to a live-action remake of turned metal on peacock. There is also the coming Ghost of Tsushima movie by the same director behind John Wick, an HBO-exclusive adaptation of The last of usand of course the newly released one not mapped movie starring Tom Holland – which got pretty mixed reviews.

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