Clipchamp is Microsoft’s new video editing app for Windows 11

If you’ve been waiting for Microsoft to revive Windows Movie Maker, Clipchamp may just be the best alternative. After acquiring Clipchamp last year, Microsoft is now bundling the app into Windows 11. It’s a browser-based app that supports trimming, splitting, transitions, and even has a screen recorder feature.

Clipchamp includes a timeline, much like pro apps like Adobe Premiere Pro, and uses a combination of templates and a library of filters, transitions, stock media, and styles to let people create videos with support for multi-track audio and easy-to-use editing. Microsoft has integrated an Azure-powered text-to-speech generator so creators can use voiceovers in 70 languages, and OneDrive is also integrated for cloud file storage.

Clipchamp is now part of Windows 11.
Image: Microsoft

Microsoft says Clipchamp is now an “inbox” app in Windows 11, meaning it will come pre-installed on all new Windows 11 devices. The Microsoft Family app is now also an inbox app, with features like filters for Edge, screen time activity on Xbox, Windows, and Android, and family location tracking.

In addition to these app updates, Microsoft is now also starting to test some changes to the search experience in Windows 11. , head of Microsoft’s Windows Insider program. “The search box in Start and Search is regularly updated with content, including fun illustrations, to help you discover more, stay connected, and stay productive.”

The new highlight search feature.
Image: Microsoft

Work users can log in and access company files.
Image: Microsoft

These search highlights include moments such as holidays, anniversaries, and other moments in time. Recent search results are placed on the side, and if you sign in with a work account, files and contacts through Microsoft Search will be displayed. You can always disable the highlights search feature and it is making its way to Windows 10 as well.

Microsoft is also making further improvements to clean up some of the Windows legacy. The print queue is being updated to match the design of Windows 11, both Quick Assist and Windows Sandbox now have smooth design icons, and Windows Media Player has been renamed to Windows Media Player Legacy. It is clear that the new Media Player app for Windows 11 will eventually mean that Windows Media Player will be removed from the operating system.

As always, some of these changes won’t show up in Windows 11 for months. Microsoft is gradually rolling out features and the company is no longer waiting for major annual feature drops to update Windows 11.

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