Netflix has bought another studio as part of gaming push

Netflix has added another game developer to its ranks. The company has announced that it has acquired Boss Fight Entertainment, a mobile studio based in Texas. It’s the third game studio that Netflix has picked up to follow Ox free developer Night School and Next Games, the team behind a Strange things puzzle game. Previous games of Boss Fight include a mobile strategy game called dungeon boss; the studio was founded after the closure of Zynga’s Dallas studio, which developed the Facebook game CastleVille

The news comes as Netflix takes a big step into the gaming space. In addition to acquiring established studios, Netflix has also made mobile games a part of its subscription package – this week saw the announcement of three new games on the platform – while also experimenting with interactive series, including an upcoming daily trivia game called Trivia Quest

Regarding Boss Fight, Netflix’s VP of game studios, Amir Rahimi, said in a statement that “this studio’s extensive experience building hit games across genres will help us bring great games to Netflix members wherever they want to play them.” .”

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