Twitter says it is experimenting with ‘unmentioning’

Twitter is experimenting with an “unmentioning” feature that allows users to remove themselves from conversations. It’s limited to some users and only in the web version for now, but it seems like a very useful way to clean up your listings.

“We’re experimenting with Unmentioning – a way to help you protect your peace and remove yourself from conversations,” the tweet reads. The company posted a short GIF of what the feature will look like on its Twitter Safety account.

The “leave this conversation” option appears in the menu that appears from the bottom right corner of a tweet on the web version of Twitter. (It also includes “mute” and “embed” options.) Clicking the “leave this conversation” option will bring up another menu detailing what happens when you leave a conversation: your username will no longer be tagged , it stops any future entries in that conversation, and, perhaps most importantly, it stops notifications.

Twitter researcher and reverse engineer Jane Manchun Wong an apparent screenshot tweeted of the ‘leave this conversation’ feature in February. As is often the case, her detective work proved correct.

The choice to escape a tweet conversation that may have turned hostile or just plain uninteresting or that you didn’t want to be a part of in the first place is a welcome addition to Twitter, especially for those who suffer from harassment on the platform. This allows you to make a graceful exit without much fanfare.

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