1Password sync down for a few hours today during a database upgrade

When we talk about password managers, especially the ones that sync their data to the cloud, there is always discussion about whether or not your information is secure and what happens if the servers go down. The second is exactly what 1Password users in the US experienced earlier today, as an issue with 1Password.com prevented mobile, desktop, and browser clients from syncing.

A status page first noticed the issue at 10:42 AM ET and listed it as stabilized, with customers able to reconnect at 2:42 PM ET. During the outage, the status page noted that the issue did not affect offline data stored in clients and other domains such as 1password.ca, 1password.eu or ent.1password.com were operational.

Before I knew there was an outage, I saw it on my own account when I tried to save a password, and it just wouldn’t work. All my local customers still had all my current passwords, so I guess most people didn’t even notice it wasn’t working. However, if you don’t save your passwords to a local device or lost access to the device during the outage, there could have been a real problem.

In a statement provided to The edge1Password CTO Pedro Canahuati said:

Earlier today, 1Password had a brief service outage due to our planned database upgrade. This was not a security incident and customer data was not compromised in any way.

The 1Password.com service was unavailable during this outage, impacting the sign-up of new users and the syncing of new data across devices. Our system is designed to ensure that stored passwords are always securely and locally accessible on their devices.

At this point, we have stabilized the system as we examine the performance regression. Customers’ devices should sync all new data and logins work.

We are taking steps to prevent similar disruptions in the future and will be providing updates on our status page and social media channels, as well as on our blog over the next two days.

Anyone using a password manager that stores data in the cloud has a risk of this happening to them, but it doesn’t seem too disruptive. On the other hand, cloud storage makes it easier to keep countless logins accessible from whatever device you use and enables features like travel mode that erases data stored on your device if you find yourself in a situation where it could confiscate. be taken or searched. Still, it’s something to keep in mind, given that the new 1Password 8 client only syncs with the cloud and doesn’t offer the option to stick exclusively to local storage. For customers who prefer local storage, 1Password has said they can continue to use 1Password 7.

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