Apple’s $159 Thunderbolt 4 cable is here, and it’s still your only extra-long option

The day has come: you can now spend $159 on a USB cable and actually feel a bit justified! That’s because Apple’s 10-foot Thunderbolt 4 Pro cable isn’t just an old cord — it’s still the nothing but Thunderbolt 4 / USB-C / USB 4 cable on the market near its length.

Want a cable that can transmit 40 gigabits per second of Thunderbolt 4 and USB 4 data, up to 8K video, and 100W USB-C PD power to a large MacBook Pro nearly 10 feet away? It’s your only game in town. Any other company that sells Thunderbolt 4 cable — including Belkin, CalDigit, CableMatters, CTG, OWC, and Plugable — comes out at two meters (6.6 feet). That makes those other cables about half a meter longer than Apple’s previous 6-foot Thunderbolt 4 cable.

It’s also a braided cable, which makes me happy, not that I’m going to buy one, because $159 is scratch enough that I’m happy to wait for other cable manufacturers to catch up.

like you to be the kind of person who would be perfectly happy with a six-foot unbraided cable without the Apple and “Pro” labels, those other manufacturers’ Thunderbolt 4 cables currently range from $57 to $130.

But if you want the Apple cable, it is available in some Apple stores starting today. A $9 “scheduled courier delivery” could get it to our Manhattan offices in just a few hours, though it seems like people in Apple’s original SF Bay Area will have to wait until at least May 12 for delivery.

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