Spotify closes its radio-like listening app Stations on May 16

In addition to podcasts, stuff for your car and annual listening reports, Spotify has been running another experiment since 2018 with Stations, a “lightweight” app available to free and paid subscribers.

After its first overseas debut with an Android version, Spotify launched an iOS version of the app in 2019 and opened it up to users in the US. But now the test is over, and 9to5Google reports that Spotify has begun to inform users that the app will be shutting down on May 16.

If you have used Stations, you can visit the site to move your favorite curated lists to the main Spotify app, which contains the following message:

Stations close on May 16. The stations you’ve created will disappear, but you can still enjoy Spotify by logging in with your Stations account. Discover playlists made for you, plus millions of songs and podcasts.

The gimmick of Stations was that it started playing as soon as you opened the app, and while users could switch their favorite stations/playlists, there was no way to choose specific songs or artists, and returning to a station would start where it was. stayed out. The stations available include a number of presets and some of them you can create by choosing your favorite artists from a list, and it would try to personalize the experience for you over time.

In a statement given to UGGSpotify said of its various projects: “Some of those tests pave the way for our broader user experience and others just serve as an important learning point. Our Spotify Stations Beta was one of those tests. We will discontinue the current feature, but users will easily transfer their favorite stations and enjoy a similar radio experience directly from the Spotify app.”

If you’ve dedicated the Stations feature, you may notice an enhanced Spotify Radio experience in the main app, which can now include personalized radio stations, as well as a news and music playlist for drivers. if UGG notes, Spotify announced last month a rebranding of its live audio platform from Greenroom to Spotify Live and will incorporate its features into the main app, while also keeping a standalone app available.

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