The first season of For All Mankind is currently free to stream

The first season of For all mankind‘s science fiction alternate history show Battlestar Galactica creator Ron D. Moore, is now available to stream for free – no Apple TV Plus subscription required. The limited-time promotion coincides with the release of the show’s third season, which premiered on Apple’s video streaming service on June 10.

While Ted Lasso and severance pay may have been Apple TV Plus’ biggest breakout TV show hits, my colleague Alex Cranz would have everyone believe that For all mankind is better than both. Here’s how she recently described it:

[Warning: Season 1 spoilers ahead]

The show started out as an almost ordinary alternate history, where the USSR defeated the US to the moon, and in a bid to get a Cold War PR win, the US chose to send a woman to the moon. to search for water. After that, the show embraces science fiction as much as alternative history does. For every moment that is pulled from a real cup – and slightly distorted – there is yet another like, again, war on the moon or widely accepted video chat in 1983.

It’s not clear how long the show’s first season will be free to stream, but we’ve reached out to Apple for more details.

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