Elon Musk answers questions from Twitter employees during company meeting on Thursday

Elon Musk will attend a virtual meeting with Twitter employees this Thursday, during which he will answer questions from the company he is buying. His presence was announced in an email sent by Twitter CEO Parag Agrawal on Monday Business Insider† Employees can ask questions before the meeting. It will be the first time Musk has spoken directly to Twitter’s nervous employees since announcing plans for the $44 billion acquisition.

The meeting has the potential to be hectic. In Twitter’s internal Slack channels, Tesla’s CEO’s bid to buy the company has reportedly been answered negatively, with employees worried about the effect a private Twitter could have on their culture and pay (many of them receive part of their compensation in stock). Musk has also been critical of the company’s past decisions, causing his followers to unleash a wave of abuse on a prominent employee.

Even Musk’s enthusiasm for the deal seems to have waned since he first announced plans to take over Twitter in mid-April. He repeatedly threatened to delay or scrap the deal after alleging Twitter refused to provide him with more data on the number of spam bots on the platform, prompting Twitter to oblige earlier this month. If work continues on the deal, it is expected to take about six months to close.

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